Protection of American Citizens Abroad - Responsibilities of the executive branch

The president, the secretary of state, and the American ambassador in Lima worked on the Berenson case, but the involvement of such high officials occurs in only a small percentage of problems relating to protection. However, Berenson's second trial in 2001 proved to be only one of a number of cases drawing the attention of the president and secretary of state. China arrested half a dozen Americans of Chinese descent and convicted them of spying for Taiwan. Russia jailed two Americans. One was charged with espionage, and the other was convicted on minor drug charges, following more serious allegations that he was an American spy-in-training. In each instance, these convictions occurred at times when the Chinese and Russian leaderships looked toward serious discussions with the United States on a number of vital concerns. The Chinese defused the problem by releasing the prisoners and expelling them from the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned the man convicted of espionage after discussions with President George W. Bush. The second American was paroled after six months in prison and allowed to return to the United States.

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