Religion - "the prince of peace"

"Christ deserves to be called the Prince of Peace because He has given us a measure of greatness which promotes peace….

"Christ has also led the way to peace by giving us a formula for the propagation of good. Not all of those who have really desired to do good have employed the Christian method—not all Christians even. In all the history of the human race but two methods have been employed. The first is the forcible method….

"The other is the Bible plan—be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. And there is no other way to overcome evil….

"In order that there might be no mistake about His plan of propagating good, Christ went into detail and laid emphasis on the value of example—'so live that others seeing your good works may be constrained to glorify your Father which is in Heaven.'…

"It may be a slow process—this conversion of the world by the silent influence of a noble example, but it is the only sure one, and the doctrine applies to nations as well as to individuals. The Gospel of the Prince of Peace gives us the only hope that the world has—and it is an increasing hope—of the substitution of reason for the arbitrament of force in the settling of international disputes."

—William Jennings Bryan, "The Prince of Peace" (1908)—

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